Which customers and what customer needs should we focus on? How do we build competitive advantage into our products and services compared to our customers’ other alternatives? What kind of business model maximizes our value and profitability? In which markets do we compete, and where do we not?


Decisions. The most important task for management is to make the choice about where resources are allocated. There is always too little time, money and hands to cover every possibility. Ccommercial success depends on the quality of these decisions.

We help you build commercial success using Decision Design. The idea is simple, but its implementation requires you to be systematical. Critical decisions at different stages of commercialization follow a clear process:



The first task is to acquire sufficient information and understanding of the issues that affect decisions, whether they concern customers, the market, the business environment or the business model. 


Based on facts, alternative ideas and assumptions, hypotheses are formed about the solutions that provide the strongest basis for success.


The potential solutions are validated and ideas are prioritized by testing them with customers, experts – against clearly decided metrics.


The information gathered during the process and the options identified provide a strong basis for fact-based decisions.

Typical applications of Decision Design are: 


→ Customer insights and validation – PROOF OF CUSTOMER

Identifying and prioritizing market opportunities  – PROOF OF OPPORTUNITY

Concept development and testing  – PROOF OF CONCEPT

Development and testing of business models  – PROOF OF BUSINESS MODEL

New business operations – GO TO MARKET

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