Proof of Customer

We gather and create information and understanding on your current and potential customers through research, cultural understanding and analysis of various data sources.

In addition to customer needs, we look at how customers make decisions and understand their emotional motivations in addition to rational decision making factors. Understanding collective decision-making is especially important in B2B, where the purchase decision typically involves 5 to 10 decision-makers.

We deliver actionable insight and validation of the customers and market areas that are the most interesting targets for your product and service innovations, as well as identify which customer needs and motives you can address better than your competitors..

Examples of deliverables 

  • Research on market potential of product innovations for a target group

  • Profiling of target customers (needs, requirements, expectations, motives, values)

  • Testing of customer needs hypotheses


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Proof of Opportunity

SucceSS in new markets starts with getting to know them.

Who else is operating in the market? What solutions have succeeded and what has not worked? Why? How do structural changes in the industry, technological development, regulation or other government actions affect the market? What phenomena shape customer needs and values? What makes them happy, what annoys them? What is missing from the market, where are the opportunities? What kind of response do your own product and service ideas evoke in customers?

We seek answers to these questions by collecting and analyzing information from a variety of sources. We utilize our extensive network in the target market to obtain information.

Examples of deliverables:

  • Report on key trends and phenomena in the target market
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape and opportunities in the target market

  • Testing key target market hypotheses in the market


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Proof of Concept

Once the right customers and target markets have been identified, you have a strong basis to formulate product and service ideas into more robust commercial concepts – AND TEST THEM WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS.

We combine an iterative design process and customer testing, and we work with you to find the right answers to key questions: What are the features and sales arguments of the finished product and service? How should the concept be differentiated from competitors? Which sales channels reach customers best and what partners are needed? How should the customer’s path during purchase and use be built? What is the role of aftersales? How is the whole package branded and communicated?

Examples of deliverables:

  • Analysis of competing product and service concepts

  • Product and service concept development and testing in the target market

  • Commercial packaging of product and service concepts


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Proof of Business Model

The viability and usefulness of a commercial concept is determined by its business model.

The added value of products and services for customers can be monetized in different ways and using different pricing elements. The business model must also take into account its attractiveness to the potential partners required to deliver the offering to customers.

In order to determine the best business model, we work together with you to identify and model alternative approaches , calculate their impact on results with different assumptions and test their functionality from the customer's point-of-view.

Examples of deliverables:

  • Identification and comparison of alternative business models

  • Prioritization of the most promising business model with calculations based on different assumptions

  • Testing the business model with customers


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Go To Market

We help ensure the success of your new business operation with careful planning and execution of go-to-market measures.

Successful action is based on clear targets and metrics. We monitor results and collect data, right from day one, and filter it into a strong factual basis for investment optimization decisions.

In the execution of your go-to-market plan, you will have access to the comprehensive creative, media and data expertise of the entire Salomaa Group. Success in international operations is ensured by our extensive network and local presence in the target market.

Examples of deliverables:

  • Development of sales, channels, marketing and communication

  • Go-to-market planning and execution

  • Setting up metrics, tracking of results and continuous optimization



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